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Numbers, facts, reports – boring, right? Not in our world. The Havas agency network, making waves in 140+ countries, is back with the 15th edition of our Meaningful Brands™ Global Report, and we had the opportunity to create the visuals for it, including the logo, website, and social media communications. The aim? To bring value to the brands, businesses, and people we collaborate with. Havas surveyed over 91,000 folks in 10 places and gathered over 782,000 bits of info, all about 1,300 global brands in 42 categories.


How did we jazz up this info? We took the data and gave it shape. Lots of shapes. Splashed it with color and threw in a little dance floor. Added photos and bold fonts for extra punch. What’s more? The layout rocks a newspaper style with bold lines. Lots of lines. And for a bit of charm, we brought SPARKY, a character who sheds light on all the important details in the Meaningful Brands Report.

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