We, Lithuanians, are crazy about mushrooms. But not all of us are great mushroom hunters. Lucky for us, we had a chance to work with a new, natural, family-owned mushroom farm and its products. They came to us with the name PJAUNU GRYBĄ and asked for a logo and packaging design. PJAUNU GRYBĄ is a saying that has two meanings. First – cut the mushroom. Second – go crazy. And we did go crazy.


We created a mushroom character who tries his best to avoid the knife. He reminds us of an agent, a karate professional. His adventures begin when a person starts hunting him with a knife, and the mushroom is ready to avoid him…almost ready. In the logo, we wanted to show a charismatic character, a comic situation. The style of the American era of the 20s and 30s was chosen, which was widely used for illustrations and logos at that time.


The packaging itself has a modern allegory of a mushroom-picking basket. We wanted to convey the same feeling as if a person were carrying a basket full of mushrooms, that they usually carry in the forest. Therefore, the design of the box was complemented by a handle. This package is designed for the modern urban mushroom picker – a city dweller who picks mushrooms at the market.

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