SEB: Cyber Security Test

One of SEB bank’s clients got badly scammed and the story went viral across social media and news channels, causing some serious reputational damage. We decided that the best way for our client to deal with this situation was not to hide and ignore it but to actually start owning the cyber security topic, shining some light on it, and educating people about it.


We found a lot of educational material on the topic in the Baltics and it seemed that all the tools to learn about scamming techniques were there. However, people didn’t really see this problem as a very serious one and they didn’t want to bore themselves with complicated material.


That’s why we needed to find a new and unexpected angle for this campaign, making a seemingly difficult and boring topic appeal to the mass audience. And we also had to do it with a very traditional and conventional bank behind the campaign.


Our solution – is a new, unique, eye-catching, and thumb-stopping way to educate people about ways to protect themselves from cyber criminals and to raise awareness of how easy it is to become a victim.


We created an immersive cyber security test that was not just educational but also an entertaining experience. We created it online and used digital advertising to promote it since the Internet is the space where we are most vulnerable to scammers.


This campaign helped to shine some light on the problem and it also helped to teach thousands of users to protect themselves from cybercriminals.


The final result exceeded the KPI over 2 times. The test was visited by 230k users and 28% of these users completed the full test. We also aimed to raise awareness about the topic. The campaign went viral in the Baltics and received a lot of media coverage, was shared on national television and endorsed by local authorities. We reached over 3 million people (65% of our target audience), had over 30 million impressions and more than 1.6 million engagements on social media.


The project received numerous awards: Grand Prix at Best Marketing Eesti (Estonia), PR Lapės (Lithuania), Mi: & links (Latvia), ADC LT (Lithuania).

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