STT: # for bribing

Lithuania is one of the most corrupted countries of EU. If you want to change the situation, you have to change the social habits.


This time we addressed the teenagers who don’t have those habits yet. So, we can try to form the right attitudes. But young people are the most complicated audience that does not accept the moralizing. We decided to be brave, open and direct. Our message was simple – any form of corruption is bad for you and society.


We created a comic book where we depicted corruption in a comic book style. We used strong situations, we created bold and unexpected characters – some are real, some – fictional. The comic book was turned into a song and then – into a short video.


We played around the fact that in Lithuanian language the same word is used for both the hashtag and the bars on the prison window. This added a nice viral aspect to the campaign.

Art directionCampaignDigitalIllustrationVideo
Video: Good Heart
Video: New House
Video: Mermaid
Comic Book
VMU: No Christmas for Christmas Tree

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